Leaving a Legacy

Sir Andrew Judde, Sir Thomas Smythe, Mr Henry Fisher, Sir Thomas White, Mr Worral and Mr H S Vere Hodge are just some of those whose legacies have helped make the school what it is today and whose names are included in the Bidding Prayer, which is recited at the Skinners’ Day Service.

The Vere Hodge Centre
Named after the man whose legacy made it possible, Hugh Vere Hodge, Housemaster of Hillside 1915-32 and Master 1903-47, this building sees art, technology, music, and drama all housed under one roof.

Hill Side Foundation Award 
Christopher Kirch, OT (HS 47-52) and former Headmaster and owner of Avalon School in West Kirby, who died in 2010, left a generous legacy to the Foundation to be split between the Hill Side Foundation Award and the General Foundation Fund.

Philip Bernard Judd, who died in November 2004, left his legacy to the Tonbridge School Foundation in recognition of his son’s and grandson’s time at Tonbridge.

By leaving a gift to the Tonbridge School Foundation, you do something amazing, supporting future generations of Old Tonbridgians. As an OT, if you recognise the benefit you gained from the education you received at the Tonbridge, then please follow in the steps of many OTs and friends by remembering the School  in your will.

We do understand not everyone has the ability to make donations during their lifetime. Therefore a bequest maybe easier or a more appropriate opportunity to make a significant contribution. The Tonbridge School Foundation is a registered charity (charity number 1099162) and accordingly, all legacies made to the Tonbridge School Foundation are exempt from UK Inheritance and Capital Gains Taxes.