Recent Achievements

In the past ten years Tonbridge has seen a number of improvements and developments all of which were made possible by the generosity of our donors, and all of which contribute to the Tonbridge trademark: excellence. We are extremely grateful to all the Old Tonbridgians, parents past and present for all their support.


 The 2015 Excellence for All Telethon

This years' telephone campaign was one of our most successful ever.  Our team of 14 student callers spoke to over 600 OTs and parents, and everyone seemed to really enjoy their conversations, and many stories were relayed about Tonbridge both past and present. As a result of the conversations, work placements were set up and the boys gained better insight about their possible future career paths. In return, everyone had the chance to learn more about the Scholl's plans for the future and how they can help.  Added to this, over £100,000 wa spledged over the next four years fomr many of those contacted.  We are thrilled with this result!

'I have enjoyed flowing conversations about the merits of the school's projects.  Talking to OTs who have had extremely diverse experiences after leaving school and offered some very useful advice that I intend to use in the future'.

Ed Marsh, OT (JH 07-12)

The Tonbridge School Hong Kong Gala Dinner

On the 11th of April in the wonderful surroundings of the Hong Kong Club over 200 parents, former parents, current boys and Old Tonbridgians came together to celebrate the School’s special relationship with Hong Kong that stretches back well over a quarter of a century.  This was the first Gala dinner that the School has held and was a joint effort between the UK Tonbridge team and a committee of parents and OTs in Hong Kong. Guests were treated to a series of beautiful musical performances from current and past pupils led expertly by Tonbridge’s Director of Music, Mark Forkgen. The Headmaster gave the keynote address and shared the latest plans for the School to launch the ‘Excellence for All’ campaign. We are grateful to all the guests for coming and to the Hong Kong event committee who worked so hard to give us such a memorable and stunning evening.

Excellence for All Campaign Launch

Tuesday 24th February saw the launch of the 'Excellence for All' Campaign, the School's ambitious development plans. Over 300 parents, OTs, staff, friends and current boys attended the evening at Skinner's Hall and heard the vision for the campaign, and what we aim to achieve over the coming months and years.


Old Big School
Over £200,000 was raised by parents, friends and OTs to complete the transformation of the little-used space into a modern centre for exhibitions, performances and collections from the boys, and from the wider arts community.  Work started in the Summer of 2013 and was complete for our Grand Opening on the 29th January this year.  Do take a look at the Old Big School Page for more.


The Appeal Court
£500,000 was raised by parents, past parents, OTs and the wider rackets community enabling the school to complete the construction of a much-needed second rackets court.

Moving up a Scale
£90,000 was raised towards the purchase of two Steinway Grand pianos, as part of the school’s vision to become an All-Steinway School.

The Cloud Chamber
Working with the Physics department we won our bid to secure a grant from the Wolfson Foundation for £20,000 towards a Cloud Chamber, which demonstrates the behaviour of radioactive particles. This will enhance the teaching of particle physics within the school and to outreach students and other science teachers in the wider community.


Supporting the Marsh Academy
Working in partnership with staff from the Marsh Academy and members of the local community, the Development office helped advise on a successful grant bid for the construction of The Romney Centre, a pupil-inclusion and community centre. The Kent-based charity The Colyer Fergusson Trust very generously funded £3.6m towards the project.

A Duty to Serve
A generous donation of £25,000 from Bevil Mabey (WH 30-35) enabled the funding of David Walsh’s book, A Duty to Serve: Tonbridge School and the 1939-45 War.


Residencies and Academies
In recent years the Development office has secured funding to pilot innovative roles including our Media Creative Consultant, and Engineer in Residence, as well as for new Cricket and Hockey Academies.


The Tonbridge School Sport and Media Centre
As a result of Tonbridge’s most successful appeal to date £2.7m was raised thanks to the generosity of parents and OTs, and has provided Tonbridge with outstanding indoor sports facilities and new technology. Not only have the opportunities on offer benefitted the boys, but with over 200,000 visitors a year, 1,270 members, and approximately 100 schools, colleges, and teams using the centre, it has been a resounding success.

2003 - present

Foundation Awards
Since 2003 16 boys have been able to attend Tonbridge through the Foundation Awards scheme. The programme has been a huge success and is only possible thanks to the continued support of more than 600 donors.

Other Projects

Other projects that have been completed over the years thanks to the incredible generosity of our donors include a new ICT network, the Foundation Astro – a water-based Astroturf which has significantly improved our hockey facilities, and is widely used by the community at both local and national level – a language laboratory, the Computer-Aided Design suite, which has enabled the continued development of the Design and Technology Department, and the purchase and conversion of a new senior student house named after Tonbridge teaching legend, David Somervell (1919-1950). Since 2009, the school's campus has also been enhanced through gifts of trees and sculptures from the parents.


If you would like to find out how you can support projects like these please call the Development Office on 01753 304253